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Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Body

Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Body

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Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Body
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Customer Reviews


30 Days Ago

This kit does not live up to the excellent casting abilities I've gotten previously form this site.

To begin with, there is not a straight line present in the entity model. I don't mean warped, I mean cast. All the body panels have extreme waves where the should meet.

Next, much of the internal or small details in the body have ben buried in resin, requiring you to cut them out and refine with your hobby knife to resemble the original design.

Next, many of the flat surfaces have incredibly bad mold slippage, resulting in crazed edges in exterior smooth surfaces that will need to be cut down with your hobby knife, your dremmel will destroy the piece at that scale.

Then on the right shine, the space needed to insert the knee pad has been filled in inexplicably. Either you cut off the corresponding area on the knee pad, or you go in with a micro drill and your knife to recreate the cavity, which is present in the left shin.
On the knee joints themselves, they are miscast and look like a dahlia melted clock than the original circle, with a lot of extra material deposited in the casting on the top, further obscuring the detail and ruining the area.

Also on the knee, one knee joint was snapped off before casting, glue on improperly, and then cast with this obvious break still visible.

This kit was a major disappointment in terms of build quality. The only good thing you have going for it is all the Blood angels specific iconography has been cast for maximum fidelity. All the filigree has survived perfectly intact and, if you can struggle through everything I've mentioned, you'll end up with a model the resembles the original enough to pass muster. But BUYER BEWARE.
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