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Sons of Horus Legion Cataphractii Praetor

Sons of Horus Legion Cataphractii Praetor

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Sons of Horus Legion Cataphractii Praetor
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Customer Reviews


30 Days Ago

Excellent recast. The detail is there. You will have to work with the cape, which is really a minor issue. I would also suggest that you reenforce the banner pole. This is a common problem with Forgeworld resin but magnified on a recasted model. I simply did that with a little superglue and sewing thread square knotted around the base of the pole.

30 Days Ago

Honestly this and the two others I ordered (chaplain consul and a sons of horus character) are the best recast models I’ve ever seen. They seem like picture perfect forge world resin models. Highly recommended.

30 Days Ago

Wonderful sculpt, no clean up needed. Is perfect.

30 Days Ago

Having the model right infront of me i must say, its great. Really minimal cleaning requiered and no major moldlines. Good job guys.

30 Days Ago

Great cast and great quality, I highly recommend buying!!

30 Days Ago

Reallynice, started some conversion on this one so ive scraped off some details but they where all crisp and clear some mold lines but nothing that cant be fixed with some work.

30 Days Ago

Great mini. Very little flash, no heat gun needed. Highly recommended!!

30 Days Ago

Really crispy cast, where there are mold lines, they're very minimal. Overall very clean and I'm really happy.
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